Orthodontic Questions

Q: What are some warning signs for a bad bite that may require orthodontic treatment?

A:There are a number of signs.

  1. Protruding or bucked upper teeth
  2. Top teeth behind the bottom teeth
  3. Baby teeth that are slow to fall out
  4. Thumb sucking that continues beyond toddler years
  5. Teeth that are overcrowded
  6. Teeth that are too widely spaced
  7. A gap between front teeth
  8. Teeth that overlap

Q: What is the best age to bring my child in for a first consultation?

A: By recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics, you should bring your child in for a consultation by the age of seven. Our dentists are able to identify potential problems even while some baby teeth have not fallen out. The earlier you can schedule a consultation, the better. With proper timing, orthodontic treatment can save both time and money.

Q: What benefits are there for early treatment?

A: Your child benefits in a number of ways from early treatment.

  1. Guiding the growth of the jaw is much easier than altering it later in life
  2. Early dental work has a lower chance of trauma for protruding front teeth
  3. Bad oral habits are easier to correct in early childhood, and have less time to cause damage
  4. An improved appearance early on leads to higher self-esteem and more confidence
  5. Treatment while teeth are still growing allows permanent teeth to be positioned more easily
  6. Cosmetic issues with the lips can be corrected