Dental anxiety

It is common for children to have significant dental anxieties due to traumatic past experiences or sensory issues. Our goal is to provide a positive and fun dental experience. We attempt to ease them back into being comfortable with dental treatment by behavioral modification techniques. In instances where their anxieties require extra intervention, we offer dental treatment with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Using nitrous oxide is an extremely safe way of relaxing your child during treatment. For a patient whose dental fears or medical complexities may warrant treatment under sedation, we partner with board-certified medical anesthesiologists to provide the necessary treatment.


Thumb sucking or pacifier use

Sucking is a normal reflex for infants and can even be present before birth. It is soothing and often helps provide a sense of security for children. However, prolonged sucking can disrupt proper teeth alignment and can alter the growth and shape of your child’s mouth, which may ultimately lead to a need for future orthodontic treatments. It is important to make efforts to break this habit by the age of 3. If you suspect your child’s sucking habit is affecting his or her oral health, please give us a call and schedule a visit.



Starting at birth it is imperative to clean your child’s gums with an infant toothbrush or a wet cloth. Once the first tooth erupts, it is important to brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Initially, a “smear” or “grain of rice” sized amount of fluoride toothpaste is recommended. Once your child can thoroughly spit, you can move to a size of a “green pea”. Remember, young children do not have the dexterity to brush effectively – therefore it is necessary for the parent/guardian to help out. Try various techniques to make it fun for your child!


Sports mouth guards

If your child begins playing sports such as hockey, football and basketball, you should invest in a high-quality sports mouth guard. Sports mouth guards are responsible for protecting your child’s adult teeth from fractures caused by any type of trauma. While you can purchase over-the-counter sports mouth guards, a custom-made mouth guard will provide superior protection to your child’s mouth. Ask our office about a custom-made mouth guard for your child!



Bruxism (grinding) is very common in children. Fortunately, grinding is something your child will most likely outgrow. The cause of grinding is not well known but some of the reasons for it can be related to stress, sleeping disorders, and malocclusion (the way your teeth bite together). Unless there is serious wear of teeth, usually little or no treatment is indicated.